xShark / now Sharkcodes
Developer of xShark.me and main developer of the well known Roblox exploit "Slurp" which achieved 1.000.000 users last year.
This was a 6 year journey worth of exploiting that made it possible to achieve 100.000 subscribers on YouTube, recently the channel was deleted which caused side effects such as depression and taking a break from everything.
Even with this tragedy happening, I've returned and making my back up
Hoster of this website, developer and all together one of the most trusted person in the exploit scene. Has always been really helpful with the "Slurp - Liscene System", without him nothing would've been even close to be possible.
Pain Exist
Good friend of xShark, out of disagreements and hate to each other they became good friends. Pain has always been a really supportive Person and we have even worked on a few projects  together.
Pain  is a person that Shark only knows from the socially even though Shark would trust him almost everything.
One of my greatest friends, even though we've meet on the internet and know each other since 2013, we have had an unbelievable strong connection with each other.
We have many characteristics in common e.g humor and aesthetics. As the end of the day approached he was always available, I would communicate with him about anything and everything, he'd always listen and this made him a valuable friend and highly appreciated.